How to Choose a Brown Wella Koleston Perfect Hair Color

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Wella Koleston perfect hair color is salon-quality hair dye. It's used by salon professionals, but may also be purchased by people that color their own hair. What makes Wella Koleston unique from other hair dyes, is that the technology behind the hair dye. There are three phases for results, including a shine guard, cream activator and a color navigator which deposits hair color evenly.


Go to the website and choose the menu item "Color Consultation." With this option, you upload your picture and get the options that best suit your skin color and natural hair color.

Find out if you are cool-toned or warm-toned. This will influence the brown Wella hair color to choose. If you are cool-toned, you tend to look better in silver. If you are warm-toned, you flatter gold.

Focus on Wella Koleston hair colors that are in the right tone for you. For example, if you are warm toned, consider a brown hair dye that is more golden. If your skin is cool-toned, choose a more ashy or neutral color.

Choose a brown hair color that is within two shades of your natural hair color. Any more than that and you risk a coloring disaster. If you attempt to go too light, your hair may turn orange. If you go too dark, you risk turning your hair jet black.

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