How to Change the Battery in a Norelco Quadra Action Shaver

two batteries image by KtD from

The Norelco Quadra Action Shaver has a four-stage cutting system that is designed to cut through long or short stubble. The razor makes use of Norelco's Quick Charge System, which rapidly charges a low battery to shave-ready in six minutes. As with other rechargeable batteries, they eventually get too old and worn to hold a charge, and need to be replaced. There are replacement batteries available, however, it does take some expertise to replace these batteries.

Remove the back of the shaver with a screwdriver. This will expose the inner workings of the razor and the battery area.

Look for the tabs on the batteries. They are soldered into place on the circuit board.

Melt the solder on the tabs with the soldering iron. Once the solder is removed, the old batteries can come out.

Insert new batteries and line up the tabs with the circuit board. The new batteries should come connected as one unit. Solder into place with the solder iron. Take care not to melt other areas of the circuit board.

Replace the back of the razor and screw into place. Plug the razor in to give the batteries a fresh charge, then test the razor.