How to Celebrate Secretary's Day

How to Celebrate Secretary's Day. Secretary's Day is a day to honor our nation's secretaries. Every year, a day in April is set aside for this recognition. Begun in the 1960s, Secretary's Day has become a day to celebrate all administrative assistants for their hard work and devotion. It's easy to celebrate Secretary's Day. With just a little thought, you can let the secretary in your life know how much you appreciate them.

Send flowers, a card, a fruit basket or other small gift to the office. Women love to receive items like this while at work. It makes them feel appreciated and noticed.

Have lunch catered in, or take your secretary out to lunch. Let her choose where to eat.

Take a break later in the day and have cake. You can get a bakery to shape the cake into a form such as a stapler, computer or business report. Be creative.

Lighten her load. Don't overwhelm her with work on Secretary's Day. Let her leave early. Give her some paid time off to relax or run personal errands.

Give her job-related gifts such as pens, personalized business cards, a name-plate or computer accessories. Or give her a gift certificate to a store like Office Max or Staples.

Decorate her desk or cubicle with balloons and banners proclaiming "Happy Secretary's Day".