How to Buy Non-Prescription Contact Lenses

How to Buy Non-Prescription Contact Lenses. Contacts are a wonderful invention for those who have poor eyesight and want to have another option other than glasses, but technology has made contact lenses more than just a medical necessity. They're now a fashion accessory. Colored contacts brought these little spheres into the hands of those with perfect vision. Here's some steps on how someone with 20/20 vision can buy non-prescription contact lenses.

Visit your eyecare professional. Although you do not need to get a prescription for contact strength, you must see an optometrist so they can measure your eyes and give you the correct size of contact to order. You won't be able to buy non-prescription contacts if you skip this step.

Research prices before buying from your eye care professional. There are several companies that sell contacts online at reasonable prices. Find out what the cheapest price is from an online company and ask your optometrist if they are willing to price match.

Look for rebates or specials advertised for contact lenses, either from your optometrist or online. Click on the "Contact Lenses" tab at for current promotions and rebates offered.

Buy disposable contact lenses if you can afford it. They're a no-fuss way of enjoying non-prescription lenses. You can buy a variety of colors to match your mood or outfit. Rebates and discounts are often available on larger purchases for disposable contact lenses.

Remember to buy the solutions, lens case and any other accessories for your doctor recommends. If you purchase directly from your doctor, you probably will receive a trial size of the solutions you need and a contact lens storage case. If you buy online, you must buy these things yourself from a discount or drug store.

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