How to Get Free Avon Perfume Samples

You may love how a perfume smells in the bottle, but once the fragrance has time to blend with your body chemistry, altering the scent, you may not be as happy with it. Being able to test out perfume gives you the chance to see how the fragrance smells on you before committing to buy it. There are a number of ways to get free Avon perfume samples so you can try different fragrances on before you buy them. Since the most common way to buy Avon products is through a representative, trying samples is often the only way to find what Avon fragrances smell like.

Contact your local Avon representative. You can search, the official company web site, to locate representatives near you, or check your local classifieds to find ads from local representatives. You can ask for perfume samples and/or request a current catalog. Catalogs sometimes come with samples.

Sign up to become an Avon consultant. Becoming an Avon consultant will not only give you the opportunity to earn extra income and get discounts on Avon products but it also will give you access to a variety of product samples.

Contact Avon headquarters directly. You can write them a letter or call their headquarters hotline to inquire about obtaining samples. Contact information for Avon is available on the company's homepage (see Resources below), but at this time there is no email form.

Look at websites such as Totally Free Stuff (see Resources below). There are numerous "freebie" websites that provide information about free offers on a variety of products, including Avon perfume samples.

Visit fairs and flea markets. Often, Avon representatives will set up tables to promote their products and help them gain new clients. They may have samples available for you to try out or take home.