How to Braid Hair


0:00 how to braid hair learning how to create

0:03 hair braids does involve a bit of a

0:05 curve but once you've got it down you

0:07 can put a braid in someone's hair or

0:08 your own hair in a matter of minutes

0:10 this video will demonstrate the proper

0:12 method for braiding someone else's hair

0:14 as well as braiding your own let's begin

0:17 by braiding someone else's hair step 1

0:19 having applied a styling gel mousse or

0:22 pomade to clean damp hair blow-dry it as

0:25 smooth as possible braiding hair that

0:27 hasn't been washed that day and already

0:28 has hair products and it also works well

0:31 step two divide tangle-free hair into

0:35 three even sections

0:41 place the left section between your left

0:43 index finger and thumb

0:44 let the middle section hang free and

0:46 place the right section between your

0:48 right index finger and thumb this will

0:50 begin to create the hair braids step 3

0:54 grab the right section with your left

0:56 middle finger and pull it so it passes

0:59 in front of the middle section freeing

1:01 the right hand and becoming the new

1:03 middle section grab the loose section of

1:06 hair now your right section and pull

1:08 gently to the right step 4 grab the left

1:13 section with your right middle finger

1:14 while releasing the middle section free

1:17 in your left hand grab the loose section

1:20 of hair now the left section and pull

1:22 gently to the left step 5

1:26 grab the right section with your left

1:27 middle finger while releasing the middle

1:29 section free in your right hand grab the

1:31 loose section of hair now the right

1:33 section and pull gently to the right

1:35 step 6

1:37 continue until you achieve the desired

1:39 length of hair braids make a tighter

1:41 more compact braid by pulling the middle

1:44 section into a horizontal line as you

1:46 pull it to the right or left for a loose

1:48 elongated braid simply shift the middle

1:51 section to the right or left letting it

1:53 remain in a vertical line step 7

1:56 tie off the ends of hair braids with a

1:57 covered rubber band add a bow or

1:59 barrette when appropriate now we'll show

2:02 you how to braid your own hair step 1

2:04 style the front of your hair including

2:06 bangs wisps and tendrils before you

2:09 begin to braid your hair divide

2:11 tangle-free hair into three even

2:13 sections

2:19 step two lift your left elbow to

2:22 shoulder height and make a thumbs down

2:24 fist around the left portion of hair do

2:26 the same thing on the right side letting

2:28 the middle portion lie against your

2:30 spine

2:31 step three extend your left index finger

2:33 and hook the right section of hair pull

2:36 it in front of the middle section

2:37 letting it slip completely out of the

2:40 right hand grab the middle section of

2:43 hair with your right hand pull it to the

2:45 right side then resume the thumbs down

2:48 fist position with both hands step four

2:51 extend your right index finger hook the

2:54 far left portion of hair and let it slip

2:57 completely out of the left hand shift

2:59 the portion of hair in your left hand

3:01 into a thumbs down fist then use your

3:03 left index finger to hook the far right

3:06 portion try and keep the tension on each

3:09 section of your hair braid as even as

3:10 possible for best results step 5

3:13 continue the process until the braid is

3:15 complete tie off the ends of hair braid

3:17 with a covered rubber band