How to Attract People

Do you want to be able to attract people? Think you need to be in the movies or making music? Well, you don't need to be in any of these things because anyone can attract people to them by simply being themselves.

Start small and say hi to people you've seen more than once either at school or at the workplace. Or people that know your friends. The next time they will be more inclined to say a little more like how's the weather or what is your opinion on a particular subject.

show kindness to others and appreciate what they have to say. People respond to kindness alot better than they do to rudeness and odds are if you are nice to someone like simply saying hi when you see them at work or school, they will respond in the same way.

Don't be an open book. It is okay to say your name and a little about yourself if the person you are meeting asks. But is not okay if you are on a first date and you say that you've been divorced three times or if you are meeting someone who could be a friend over time, and tell them all the nasty things that xx does.

Being this open will only make them run away from you not get to know you and you won't know whether someone is worth dating or being friends with if you tell them everything about you in the beginning.

Join a club or organization where you can meet people who share your interests. Or start your own. Find something that you know would interest people but that there isn't an actual club or organization for it. It doesn't have to be called a club it could just be a place where people go that share the same interests.