How to Advertise Church Events for Free

When running a church event there are often things other than advertising that would be a better use for money. Take advantage of free advertising to get the word out about your event whether it’s a special service or a fund-raising dinner.

How to advertise church events for free

Write down the details of the event. Be sure to include the basics what the event is, where it will be held, what time it will be, what will be going on and how much it costs if anything. Also make sure you have a contact name and both daytime and evening phone numbers for someone to get in contact with you.

Call the local newspaper and ask to speak with the religion editor or reporter. Inquire of them the possibility of writing a story about your event. Especially if the event is a fund-raiser, the story might be a good human interest story for them. If they do not want to write a story, ask if they have a community calendar or church calendar where you can advertise for free. Most newspapers do have these sections. Be aware that they usually run on a space available basis so be sure to send the information in as soon as you have the details finalized. Don’t limit yourself to just one newspaper, call all the local papers.

Contact the local radio stations and inquire about community announcements. These will need to be written in a 30-second spot form. Be sure to include all the details in a short paragraph. An Example would be: Calvary Baptist Church will have a fund-raising dinner at 6 p.m. March 12 in the church fellowship hall. The menu will consist of pinto beans and all the trimmings for $6. The church is located at 122 Main St., Chicago. For information, call 555-1122.

Go to the libraries and post a flyer for the event on their bulletin board. Also do this at convenience stores and shopping centers that have them available.

Contact other local churches and ask if they would be willing to announce your event either in their bulletin or on their bulletin board.

Post the information on the church’s Web site.