How Should a Guy Dress Up for a Beach Formal Wedding?

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Beach weddings have a natural romantic backdrop and are great for the more laid-back, relaxed couple. But beach weddings also mean there will be lots of sand and lots of water, which makes it important for guests to dress accordingly. Even for a formal wedding, men should tone down their clothing so as not to damage shoes and pants, and to be as comfortable as possible.

Suit Coat

If the beach where you are attending the wedding is breezy, or if the wedding is in the cooler spring or fall months, it is usually best to bring along a suit coat. A linen suit coat is best for a beach wedding as it is lightweight and comfortable, as linen moves easily with your body. A linen suit is a casual take on a formal style, and transitions well from outside to inside.

Linen Shirt

Choose a linen button-up shirt to go with your suit jacket to add a polished, yet relaxed edge to your ensemble. In most cases you can get away with not wearing the jacket, even if the beach wedding is a formal one -- which is all the more reason to pay attention to your shirt choice. Lightweight cotton or even silk shirts also work well, and often come in dressier, often embellished styles.

Linen Pants

It is generally a good idea to avoid shorts at a wedding, even if it is on the beach. Instead, choose some nice-looking linen pants. Linen is a comfortable and lightweight choice, and also dries easily when it becomes damp. Be sure that the pants you choose are formal, however. If you wear linen pants with a drawstring, you might be accused of wearing your pajamas to the wedding.


Though it seems informal, a stylish pair of flip-flops or sandals is often your best bet for a beach wedding, at least for the sandy ceremony. Lace up dress shoes can be ruined in sand and water, and are often uncomfortable beach walking choices. You can often offset the casual nature of flip-flops by wearing a quality belt and dress hat, and you can always change into more formal shoes for an indoor reception. If it is a sunny day, don't forget your sunglasses!