How Long Do False Eyelashes Last?

Every day women do new things to help put their best face forward. False eyelashes are making a comeback on the red carpets, and women want to emulate what they are seeing in fashion and celebrity magazines. False eyelashes can be applied at home or at a salon/spa. Depending on the method used to incorporate the lashes, the effect can last from one day to four months.

Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are the most common, and easiest, lashes to put on. They come in a pre-made strip that is only meant to last for one day; they are to be removed before going to bed.

Separate Flares

These lashes are smaller and shorter than strips, and much more natural looking. They come in smaller sections and can last up to 15 days.

Individual Strands

Individual strands are the most natural-looking false eyelashes; individual lashes are added to each natural eyelash to lengthen. These are the toughest to apply, but they can last for up to a month.

Eyelash Perming

Instead of using false lashes, some women are opting to get a procedure called eyelash perming. This is when glue and curling utensils are applied to the lash for a more defined curl; the effects of this procedure last for up to four months.


Overuse of false eyelashes leads to a condition called "traction alopecia." Natural eyelashes start to fall out from repeatedly applying and removing false eyelashes.