How Does a Panerai Power Reserve Work?

Though Italian designed, high-end Panerai watches share a link to the famous Swiss watchmakers of old through its founder, Giovanni Panerai. Serving as the official watchmaker to the Royal Italian Navy for many years, Panerai watches offer an exclusive feature: an eight-day power reserve. Learning how the watch works and how to use its eight-day feature is critical to getting the most from this expensive watch. In conjunction with the modern classic style synonymous with Panerai, the eight-day power reserve feature speaks to the technical prowess of the brand.

Winding the Watch

Hold the watch in your left hand. Unscrew the crown by rotating it towards you until you reach the first stop. This is the winding stop. Wind the watch by rotating the crown upwards, until you meet resistance. Stop the winding process. Notice the "Power Reserve" indicator dial move from left to right as the wind approaches maximum. If the time is correct, push in the crown while rotating it upwards to reseat it.

Using the Reserve Indicator

The watch displays the amount of wind available by moving the indicator right to left. The watch requires no further winding until the very end of the indicator's travel during the eight-day period.

How the Reserve Works

The reserve section of the movement consists of three spring barrels. As the watch is wound, two barrels align above a third. The drive gears are mounted on the third spring barrel comprised of 30 individual components. This assembly allows extended power reserve, in excess of the 48 to 52 hour reserve common on most of their hand-wound models.

Other Special Features

The P.2002 series of watch movements provide a special feature that allows exceptional accuracy when setting the time. Pulling the crown fully out to its time-setting position automatically resets the second hand. This ensures that calibrating the watch to a reference is as accurate as it can be, given a hand-wound mechanical movement.