How to Clean a Titanium Watch


Fredrik Elfdahl/iStock/Getty Images

Although titanium has a reputation as a space-age metal, your watch can't survive a trip to the moon and come back squeaky clean; it may need a little scrubbing even after a quick trip to the beach. Titanium offers plenty of perks -- it's significantly stronger and lighter than steel, largely corrosion resistant and hypoallergenic -- but like any other type of watch, your titanium timepiece needs regular maintenance to keep ticking.

Fill a clean, shallow bowl with warm water and a mild household cleaner such as a dash of dish soap or a few spoonfuls of ammonia or white distilled vinegar. Remove the watchcase from the titanium band and submerge the band in the water. Allow the band to soak for a few minutes for regular cleaning or for a few hours if the watch is heavily soiled.

Remove the titanium band from the water and gently scrub its surface with a soft-bristled toothbrush to free any dirt buildup from the watch. Rinse the band under clean water to clear away the loosened dirt and debris.

Dry the watchband thoroughly and gently with a clean, soft and lint-free cloth. Wait for the band to air-dry completely before reattaching it to the watchcase.

Apply an acid-free metal polish cream to the dry surface of the titanium with a clean, soft cloth according to the manufacturer's instructions -- typically, you rub the polish on in a circular motion and buff it off, similar to a car wax. This is only necessary if your watchband is scratched. Avoid applying the polish to the watchcase or face of the watch.