Homemade 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Wedding anniversary gifts do not have to be expensive; many couples may appreciate handmade items more than any store-bought gift. A 25th wedding anniversary is especially meaningful, since it marks a quarter of a century of marriage. Known as the silver anniversary, it is common to give gifts made from silver or that are silver in color. When making a gift, color does not matter nearly as much as the thought behind the gift, one that will surely be treasured long after the next milestone.

Gifts to Parents

Parents adore gifts from their children regardless of their ages. Homemade gifts add a special touch. Kids often have an opportunity friends and other family members do not -- they can look through personal items in the home such as photo albums and scrapbooks to get ideas for gifts. Children also have access to wedding and marriage memories that may not be shared outside of the house.

Without altering any of the family heirlooms, kids can copy photographs to make a pillow or quilt of a wedding day photograph, make a mix tape of songs from their parents’ wedding, create a family tree platter or wall hanging, hand paint T-shirts with hand prints and names, make a daily chores coupon book, or create matching key chains made from old silverware.

Gifts from Friends

Giving anniversary gifts to friends or family members can be challenging, since it is likely that the couple has everything they want or need in the way of housewares or bric-a-brac. With a bit of imagination and DIY know-how, making an anniversary can be as engaging for you as the person receiving it.

An astrological-compatibility chart is a great item to frame, as it shows the couple’s strengths and lends encouragement for times to come. Turning a wedding or personal photo into a jigsaw puzzle can make for an interesting activity, particularly if it is paired with a bottle of wine with a handmade label celebrating the occasion. People close to the couple may choose to make a scrapbook of the couple’s special events, leaving space for future items. For the more creative minded, recreating the bride’s bouquet with paper flowers is a sweet gesture when each flower has a memory or love poem attached.

Gifts to Each Other

Ideas for homemade gifts for spouses are a bit harder to come by and may take some thought to avoid being staid or cliché. Humorous gifts can include a hand-printed T-shirt that reads, “My husband/wife has the BEST spouse,” or a clothespin wreath that can be used to hold silly love notes. Collages are a nice reminder of the years spent together. Continue to look into your future together by creating a time capsule -- add your items and present the gift, giving your spouse the opportunity to add more items.

Handmade candles and soaps are a nice gift particularly if they are inscribed or wrapped inside a favorite poem. If you want to keep your loved one close to your heart, make a scarf or tie out of pieces of your old clothing as a constant reminder of devotion.

Tips and Variations

  • Gifts ideas can be simple like a hand-painted T-shirt or complex like an origami flower bouquet.

  • One item that is easy to create is a family tree collage. Start by scanning or making copies of family photos. The only other items needed are a poster board, scissors, glue or rubber cement, and color markers or pencils.

  • Sketch a tree onto the poster board to determine the size and shape that is most appealing to you. Color the tree with markers or pencils. In addition to family photos, cut out family-oriented cartoons, art or quotes. Glue the photos and art onto the tree. Write the names of family members under their respective pictures. You may also want to add the anniversary couple’s wedding date.