Graduation Gifts for a Girlfriend

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If your girlfriend is graduating soon, now is the time to starting planning gifts you can get her to celebrate her day and show her how proud you are of her accomplishments. Graduation is time to gather with family and friends as they shower the graduate with congratulations, good luck wishes and gifts. As you shop for a graduation gift for your girlfriend, remember that the gift should reflect her interests, lifestyle and future.

Charm Bracelet

Purchase your girlfriend a charm bracelet to help her remember her school days. Include charms like a graduation cap, her initials, her school mascot and the year of her graduation.

Day planner

Whether your girlfriend is leaving high school or college, a day planner will help her plan the next steps in her journey. Companies like Stephen Covey, Filofax and DayRunner create durable, customizable day planners that make great gifts for busy students and professionals. You can purchase day planners from an office supply store or superstore in your area.

Gift Card

Purchase a gift card to your girlfriend’s favorite apparel and accessories store, so she can stock up on a new wardrobe for the next chapter in her life. She can use the gift card to purchase clothing she can wear to job, internship or graduate school interviews.

Diploma Frame

With a new diploma in hand, your girlfriend will likely want to hang her accomplishment in her home or office. Purchase a sturdy, stylish diploma frame from a superstore, craft store or a picture framing shop in your area.


For a graduate who is constantly working on the go, buy a laptop she can use as she continues her education or moves into a new job. For a special touch, purchase a laptop in her favorite color or an accompanying carrying case she can use to safely tote her new laptop.


Whether it’s a day at the beach or a weekend in Europe, gift your girlfriend with a vacation to celebrate her success. Take a trip to one of her favorite places or to a place she’s dreamed of visiting.

Personal Digital Assistant

Purchase a device for your girlfriend that can keep track of her calls, music and her busy schedule. She’ll enjoy having one device she can count on to fit her lifestyle.


If you can’t think of the perfect gift, opt for giving your girlfriend cash as a graduation gift. She can use the cash to purchase something she really wants or needs. Use a money holder card to present her with your gift.