Golf Centerpiece Ideas

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Whether the occasion is a golf-themed birthday party or a gathering of the members of a golf league, a golf centerpiece on the buffet table can be used to incorporate the theme into the party décor. Because this party decoration is not widely available in card and party stores, golf centerpieces involve a do-it-yourself touch.

Miniature Golf Green

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A true-to-life putting green can make a fresh-looking golf centerpiece that will leave everyone longing for the real thing. Real grass planted in an attractive container (well in advance of the party so it has time to mature) can be trimmed to perfection and adorned with a golf tee and ball or a cup and flag that is printed with the theme of the party. A large container of grass for the main table and several smaller containers for individual tables adds a refreshing bit of green to the party.

Golf Tee and Ball

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To make inexpensive golf centerpieces that can be used at every table, Styrofoam blocks can be painted green to represent the putting green. Once dry, a golf ball and golf tee (glued together for stability) can be inserted into each block, then placed at the center of the tables. Incorporate the name of the event into the centerpiece by adding a piece of card stock printed with the event title (such as the Third Annual Smith Family Golf Classic).

Bucket of Balls

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Just like buckets available at the driving range, a fun idea for a golf centerpiece is a large bucket full of balls. The bucket can be made to look festive by lining it with colorful tissue paper before filling it with balls, then tucking curled ribbon into various places around the balls. To add a special touch, the balls can be personalized before the party with the title of the occasion. These balls can be handed out to guests when the party ends.

Baskets of Prizes

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Combining the golf centerpieces with door prizes for the party is a great way to make the most of a limited budget. Prizes can be artfully arranged into baskets, shrink-wrapped, then dressed with colorful ribbon to become centerpieces. Give them out when the party ends. Ideas for basket fillers include packs of golf balls, golf tees, golfing gift certificates to local golf courses or driving ranges and golf accessories such as sun visors and golfing gloves.

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