Godfather Wedding Theme Ideas

stock photo of lady gangster image by Tracy Martinez from Fotolia.com

The Godfather is a cult-classic movie series that began in 1972. If you want a Godfather inspired wedding theme you do not need to make it as obvious as a gangster-themed wedding. The Godfather series was set in the time period from 1945 to 1955. Select the classic elements you liked from the film rather than making it all about the film.


Pay homage to the Godfather by dressing in 1940s attire. The bride can wear a structured dress with a pencil skirt, pointy-toed heels and a dress hat. She can choose to attach her veil to the hat and have only a face veil. The groom and his groomsmen can wear full tuxedos with red-rose boutonnieres and red-cloth handkerchiefs folded in the breast pocket. Dress shoes should be freshly polished so the shoes shine.

Color Scheme

Keep the color scheme crisp and clean. The Godfather is full of bold contrasting colors, so no pastels. Black, white, deep reds and gold are the commonly used colors in the Godfather films. Use these colors to create classic wedding decor. Choose red roses as your flowers, crisp white linens, black tuxedos, a white wedding gown and black or red bridesmaid dresses with gold accents. Gold candle holders can be used as a centerpiece with white stick candles for soft lighting during dinner.


Choose from several options for music at the wedding reception. Save money by purchasing the Godfather film soundtracks. Play them yourself or hire a DJ. If you have more money to spend or like the idea of having a live band play instead, hire a jazz band. The bold instrumentals will be reminiscent of the 1940s era and get your guests out on the dance floor.

Wedding Favors

Give each of the guests a copy of the Godfather DVD as a wedding favor. Chances are it will not be thrown into a drawer and forgotten as most wedding favors are. Another favor option could be to give your guests each a cigar or several cigars and a cigar box.