How to Get Girlfriend Back After a Break Up

Get Girlfriend Back After a Break Up

You have had a breakup with your girlfriend and you are maybe wondering how to get a girlfriend back after a breakup? There are some steps that will help you get your girlfriend back after a break up if it is meant to be. There are times when it is just not a good idea to try and get a girlfriend back after a breakup, or when it is impossible. However if you follow these steps you can certainly improve your chances.

Establish communication seems like a simple first step to get a girlfriend back after a breakup, right? However, if angry words were exchanged on parting, then it can be harder. Start off slowly and be persistent only to a point. Give her some space and try and talk only about generalities. Avoid the issues that caused your breakup at least at first (unless she insists. This step focuses on just talking, just like when you first met her. In fact to get a girlfriend back after a breakup you just about have to go through all the steps again. If she is reluctant to talk to her, give her some space and a few days to cool down.

Hang Out. You were successful in establishing communications. Now it's time to just hang out. The advantage you have with this girl is you know what she likes, right? If you don't then it is past time to find out. Don't think of these as dates but as a getting to know each other period again, though if she slips back into girlfriend mode, don't turn it down, but you may have to go through the entire dating process again too. This is a time to remind her of why she thought you were so cool to begin with.

Re-establish bonds. So far so good? If you have made it to this step you can try and bring the relationship a little closer. Remind her of fun times. Go to where you had the most fun. The idea here, with a reluctant girlfriend is to make her remember just what was so good about your relationship before the breakup. This may take some patience and you certainly should not rush it if she seems like she wants to keep things on a friendship only basis.

Discuss the issues. This step may come sooner or it might come right about now. However, you thought she was great enough to go to the trouble of getting her back so this one is important. First, no matter what caused your breakup, you need to talk about it if you want to have more than just a date with her. Avoid recriminations and blame. Explain your point in a non accusatory fashion. Try instead to explain what happened, how it made you feel and do not to call names. Explain what you would like to do to change the situation. Ask her about her feelings, and what she would like to do to change the situation. Above all, don't get pulled into another argument. Remember how badly the last argument ended? If you can work out the problem that caused the breakup you can go forward with a lot more security in most instances.