Gifts for a Friend Leaving Town

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Finding the right gift for a friend is difficult for holidays and birthdays, and becomes near impossible when you are trying to give a gift that says "goodbye" and "I'll miss you." In choosing a farewell gift, you want to give your friend something memorable, so skip the impersonal and consider what your friend will miss.

Remember the Place

For friends moving out of town or state, consider giving a keepsake that will remind them of home, and you. For your friend who likes jewelry, a jewelry trend is necklace pendants shaped like a state, or city. If you know your friend's design taste, gift a poster or print of your town's skyline or neighborhoods, or a vintage map of the city. If all else fails, a kitschy tourist mug becomes a sentimental gift when it is time to say goodbye, and is even sweeter filled with local chocolates or candy.

Remember the Friendship

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Say "we'll be best friends forever" with jewelry or flowers. Remember BFF hearts from your childhood years? If your friend likes jewelry, search small local shops, craft fairs or the web for BFF charms, bracelets or necklaces. Each wearing will bring memories of you. If your friend has a green thumb, and room in the moving truck, a plant is a nice going-away gift. Consider the friendship plant, or "forget-me-nots." Just keep in mind your friend is moving, and keep the plant small, so it is easy to bring along.

Remember your Crafting Abilities

If you plan to keep up with your friend's life through social media and email, handmade note cards might collect dust, so try other crafty gifts. Knitting a hat or scarf for a friend who is moving somewhere cold will guarantee your friend will remember you. If knitting isn't your thing, make your friend "We've Moved" postcards. Postcards are a cute way to let others know about a new address, and making them will save your friend the trouble. If you would like to give your friend a photo of you together, think of creative ways to turn it into a goodbye gift. Use photos to make address labels, a calendar or a book of photos and quotes from friends and family.

Remember a Great Time

Sometimes the gift of time spent together is just as meaningful as a present. Go to your favorite restaurant for a farewell dinner, spend the day at the spa or a sports event, or meet up for coffee. If you want to spend some last-minute time with your friend, make a homemade meal. Once the pots and pans are packed, your cooking will save your friend from another night of take-out. Such gifts show you care, as well as make memories and serve as a thank-you for being a friend.