Gifts for Catholic Deacons

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Buying a gift for a Catholic deacon is an honor. The gift you give will be a representation of yourself and your appreciation for the deacon’s work and service to the congregation. If you know the deacon personally, a personal spiritual gift would be appropriate. If you don’t know the deacon personally, you may want to offer a more general gift with a personal message. Give a Catholic deacon a gift that is from your heart and filled with greater purpose.

Personal Gifts

A personally spiritual gift would be good if you have a relationship with the deacon. You can write the deacon a poem that expresses the spiritual leadership and impact she has made on your life. You can frame the poem or place it on a wooden plaque for him to display on her wall. You can also make the deacon a scrapbook or photo book that highlights her ministry and service to the church. Have various members of the church write short notes that can be placed next to the photos in the book to make it even more personal and impactful.

Books or Devotions

Find out who the deacon's favorite author is and buy him a book that he doesn’t already have. You can talk with his close friends or spouse to discover a book that he wants. Another great option is to buy a Catholic devotional that focuses on either Catholic theology or words from modern saints. In the cover of the book you choose to give the deacon, write a short personal message of encouragement and appreciation. Sign and date the inside of the book so the deacon won’t forget who gave him the book.

Christian Symbols

Give the deacon a famous Christian symbol with greater meaning such as a crucifix, rosary beads or a picture of her favorite saint. You can have the Christian symbol embroidered, engraved or personalized with the deacon’s name. Another idea is to create a gift using a Christian symbol by purchasing a blank wood symbol from a craft store. You can paint or stain the piece yourself to add your own special touch and creativity.