Gender-Neutral Adult Gift Ideas

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You may not know the intended recipient of a gift at events such as office secret-Santa gift exchanges or similar parties in which all adults receive gifts. Rather than purchasing a present specific to males or females, a gender-neutral option ensures that the gift is appropriate for any recipient. Having an extra gender-neutral gift or two on hand during the holidays or a gift exchange also ensures everyone receives something that they may actually be able to enjoy.

A Sound Investment

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Portable Bluetooth speakers -- wireless speakers designed to work with a computer, smartphone, tablet or MP3 player with Bluetooth capabilities -- serve as a gift almost any adult can enjoy, allowing them to listen to their favorite music without being tethered to a computer or audio system. These small speakers sound much larger than they are, even reproducing bass with clarity. For a less-expensive option, USB speakers that recharge by plugging into a computer or USB charger work in much the same fashion, although they require a wired connection to the audio source.

General Gift Cards

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A gift card to a local grocery or department store, gas station or eatery is an option all adults can appreciate, as food, clothing and fuel are basic needs for the average commuting adult. If many members of the group use public transportation or ride bicycles rather than drive motorized vehicles, a gift certificate to a local bike shop or a bus pass provides the recipient with a useful gift. A popular pub-style eatery or coffee shop gift card offers the recipient a way to relax and enjoy a meal or treat.

Beverage Bonanza

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If the members of your group share common interests, beverages suited to the tastes of the group as a whole serve as gifts all will enjoy. For some, it may be a gift set of fair-trade or organic coffees; for others, a case of local microbrewed beers might do the trick. Other options for a more eclectic group are flavored kombucha, a variety of herbal teas or a case of artisanal sodas.

Basket Full of Bliss

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A gift basket filled with edible goodies is bound to delight a recipient of any age or gender. Purchase a premade basket of assorted fruits and nuts or crackers, cheese and chocolates, or bake an assortment of your favorite cookies, brownies or snacks for a personalized, homemade touch. For the health-conscious, opt for treats such as kale chips, organic berries and snack bars. A basket of locally produced honeys, jams or breads supports local businesses while providing plenty of snacks for the gift recipient.

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