Funny Things to Do at Bridal Showers

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Nothing melts away the wedding jitters quite like a bridal shower full of laughs. If you're the maid or matron of honor planning the bride's shower, incorporate some chuckles into this celebratory occasion to make it all the more memorable. You can tickle everyone's funny bone with funny poems, skits and gag gifts.


Cleverly written poems about weddings and marriage can bring a lot of entertainment to a bridal shower. These poems can range in topic from nervous grooms to the dark side of married life to a bride who can't fit into her wedding gown. Find a poem that matches the bride-to-be's personality and humor so she can get a kick out of the gesture.


Playing games is an interactive way to get everyone rolling with laughter. For example, play “Married Life Love Poems.” Make two lists of words, one with typical words you associate with marriage, like “love,” “romance” and "happiness"; the second list should include not-so-pleasant but average everyday things, like “toilet bowl,” “carpet stain” and “morning breath." Each list should have more words than party guests. Have each guest choose one word from each list and make a sentence or two with them. Then, combine all the sentences to make the bride's married life love poem.


Add humor to the bridal shower by doing a humorous spoof on matrimony. Spoof a song so the lyrics reflect marital life, such as “Housework” instead of “Firework” or “Tied to You for Life” instead of “Love the Way You Lie.” This is one way to get the whole bridal party involved. As another idea, do a humorous take on how the couple first met or when the groom proposed.


Funny-worded gift items like T-shirts, coffee mugs and baseball caps make humorous bridal shower gifts. They come with sayings like “Buy me a shot, I'm tying the knot!” and “Bride Boss.” You can also buy items that represent traditionally loathed aspects of being married, such as trash bags for cleaning up after the groom's Super Bowl party or snore strips for when he's just too loud to fall asleep.