Fruit Table Decoration Ideas

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Fruits and table decorating go together naturally. Fresh fruits' lively colors and interesting shapes can make a centerpiece or table come alive. Once you get started, there is no end to the beautiful combinations you can dream up. Fruit is always as close as your nearest market and much easier on the pocketbook than fresh flowers. An added bonus: You can eat it when the party is over.


Fresh lemons, limes, oranges or kumquats (mini Asian oranges) can be grouped together or singly in a glass bowl or vase. You can also arrange them in florist's foam with seasonal greenery such as holly or juniper in winter, or grape and banana leaves for spring and summer. Farmers markets can provide fruits like kumquats still on the stem with their leaves. You may be able to find lemons and limes this way too.

Seasonal Themes

If you are decorating a table for a seasonal holiday such as Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can use fruits that are typically associated with that holiday. For Thanksgiving, fill a few small cylindrical vases with fresh cranberries and arrange with pillar candles or scattered tea candles in small votive holders. Try skipping the vases and making the same arrangement with miniature gourds, pumpkins or white pumpkins. For Christmas, try arranging fresh green figs, ruby pomegranates, golden pears and deep purple plums in a loose pyramid shape on a pretty cake stand. Wind a wide satin ribbon in a jewel tone such as purple, red or emerald through the arrangement.

Fruits and Blooms

If your budget allows, weaving just a handful of floral blooms in with berries on the vine or fresh fruit can create a lush rich-looking bouquet for a wedding or luncheon, says floral designer Ariella Chezar of Chezar suggests mixing plums, pears and blueberries with 'Cafe Au Lait' dahlias and 'Hot Cocoa' roses for a late summer bouquet.