Free Valentine Game Ideas for Youth

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Keep your little Valentines occupied this February 14th by playing different games that are associated with this special holiday. Valentine’s Day games will not only distract your little cupids for hours during a party of gathering, it will tire them out just in time to spend a little time alone with your spouse before the day ends.

Valentine's Gift

Divide the children into teams of three to four players. Give each team several rolls of pink, red or Valentine’s Day themed wrapping paper or tissue paper. Designate one of the children on the team to be the gift and set 30 seconds on a timer. Instruct each team to wrap the “gift” in paper and place a big red bow on the present after the time has expired. The team that has wrapped their gift the best wins.

Valentine BINGO

Make a variation on this classic game that will fit in with the spirit of this holiday. Manufacture your own BINGO cards from pieces of red or pink construction paper. You can also substitute the word BINGO for another five letter Valentine’s Day word, such as HEART or LOVES. Uses candy hearts or small pieces of chocolate instead of daubers to mark letters that have been found on your card. The first person to call out HEART or LOVES wins a prize.

Famous Pairs

Divide the group of children into two teams and seat them facing each other so every child has someone sitting directly opposite of them. Write down several words that are traditionally or famously paired with another item. For instance, write down “peanut butter”, so it can be paired with the word “jelly.” Give one of the teams a bag or box filled with the slips of paper and ask the first child to call out the first word. It is up to the person sitting opposite that player on the opposing team to come up with the word or phrase that is generally paired with the word called out. Then pass the box down to the next player and so on.