Free Printable Valentine Cards for Kids to Make

by Kersey Campbell ; Updated August 31, 2017

Instead of giving out store-bought Valentine's Day cards this year, try making some of your own! These three printable designs are super easy to make and the kids will love handing them out to their friends.

Valentine #1: I Have a Ball With You

Let's start with the Valentine that requires a little bit of work. First, print out these designs and cut down to size.

Then, use the hole punch and make a hole towards the center of the card.

Next, grab your scissors and cut small slits in the "corners" of the hole. This will help the ball fit in perfectly and stay put!

Now stick in the bouncy balls and you're done. So fun and so easy!

Valentine #2: Happy Valentine's Day

For these simple Valentine cards, all you need to do is download this design, print them out and cut! You can give them as is or with a favorite Valentine candy.

Valentine #3: You Color My World

To make these Valentines, download the design, print, cut and match them with tiny watercolors to top them off. The kids receiving them will love them! Aren't these fun?

Three totally fun and easy Valentines for kids that you will love too. Enjoy!

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