Free Bible Study Activities for 12- to 14-Year-Olds

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The Internet offers a large number of free resources that can be used to study the Bible. You can find workbook activities, Power Point presentations, Bible games, even studies of each book of the Bible with accompanying activities and puzzles. This age group responds best to activities rather than lectures, so find ways to engage their minds to make the lessons stick.


This site provides a series of lesson plans that also include activity sheets to support the lesson. For example, the lesson on Luke 2:41-52 is an inventive look at Christ's "family business" and how we can all be part of it. The lesson includes the printable full lesson but also includes a downloadable PowerPoint presentation (you will need PowerPoint 2007 or later as these are ".pptx" files) and worksheets. The site also has a Bible Study Blog that provides ideas for other lessons and activities.

Children’s Bible Study

This site will have more appeal for 12-year-olds and a bit younger. There are a wide range of activities from board games to crossword puzzles. They are generally delivered using the Adobe Acrobat format so are readily stored and printed. A color printer will be essential to get the best benefit from this resource. There are also a series of lessons available as "Bible Book Studies," which provide a number of lessons for each book of the Bible. Each lesson has a number of activities available. The crossword puzzles are written in JavaScript and can be done online.

Christian Teen Shop

This site provides a more traditional set of workbook pages with a full lesson plan that includes fill-in-the blank and short answer worksheets for each lesson. It also includes memory card work sheets and a number of puzzles that use the lesson material.

The Problem of “Free” and “Online”

It is clear that an online search for "Bible activities" will turn up hundreds of thousands of hits. There are a large number of opportunities that can be used by the careful teacher. Most sites will try to sell a product but will provide free material as a "loss leader." If the free material is working with your class and the costs are not too great, ordering the full set of material may be worth it, but always experiment carefully first.