Fountain of Youth Anti-Aging Makeup Tips

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Skin is different in your 40s, 50s and 60s compared to its state in your 20s and even 30s. "You're beginning to see sun damage in the form of blotchiness, red spots and ruddiness," explains Dr. Valerie Rosenthal, owner of Robert Stuart Salon. "You also lose more collagen and elasticity, so your skin retains less moisture." While you can't turn back time in the literal sense, you can take steps to prevent and reduce signs of aging with the help of a few makeup tricks.

Moisturizing Primer

Apply a moisturizing primer before putting any cosmetics on your face. A moisturizing primer will both nix dry patches of skin and create a smooth canvas for your foundation and concealer. "Choose a product with vitamins A and C, which work to strengthen the skin and reduce imperfections while soothing and protecting," notes Rosenthal.

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You've probably noticed that your skin is slightly less even than it used to be. That's the result of sun exposure and aging. Rosenthal suggests wearing a moisturizing, sheer foundation with enough coverage to even out sunspots and minimize fine lines. "Foundation is key," she says. "It achieves the flawless look that all women are looking for." After your foundation, apply concealer to any red or gray spots and blend well.

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Thick Eyebrows

"Thick eyebrows are a sign of youth," explains Rosenthal. As you age, though, brows tend to thin out. This happens for various reasons, including over-plucking and the body's natural tendency to stop growing hair. Fill in sparse brows with an eyebrow pencil that's just slightly darker than your hair color. Also consider products that promote eyebrow hair growth.

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Cream Blush

Aging skin produces less oil, so take advantage of every opportunity you can to apply additional moisturizing products to your face. In addition to a moisturizing primer beneath your foundation, use a cream blush instead of a powder blush. It'll also look more natural since it blends into the skin instead of sitting on top of it.

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Under-Eye Circles

Outside of wrinkles, tell-tale signs of aging are dark and puffy under-eye circles. Your best bet is to reduce stress, eat healthily and get plenty of rest, but cosmetics can also help conceal them. First, apply a concealer slightly warmer than your skin tone under the eyes and blend well. Follow up with a brightening powder or cream on top to illuminate the skin and set the concealer.

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Plump Lips

As years go by, skin and lips both suffer from collagen loss, resulting in skin that's less firm and lips that are less full. To keep your pucker poutier, make a habit of wearing nourishing balms and lipsticks. Ingredients to look for include jojobo oil, cocoa butter, lanolin and ceramides (fats that help you retain moisture). Additionally, gently exfoliate with a toothbrush to remove flaky dry skin.

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A standard highlighter (with minimal shimmer/glitter) is a must in any woman's makeup bag. Using it correctly can minimize signs of aging and highlight your bone structure. Apply highlighter to your upper cheek bones and around your mouth where frown lines appear and also anywhere shadows occur (ex. under the corners of your mouth and in the cupid's bow above your lip).

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Eyelash Definition

Like eyebrows, eyelashes become less full over time. Mascara becomes a more useful tool as you get older, arguably even more so than eyeshadow and even eyeliner. "Mascara gives an effect of up to three times more volume on your natural lashes," explains Rosenthal. She also suggests eyelash extensions as a more extreme, but long-lasting alternative to daily mascara application.

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