How to Flirt With a Wife When Reconciling the Marriage

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Marriage isn’t always easy, and sometimes you may hit rough patches that can bring you close to divorce, or even dissolve the marriage. It’s not too late to try flirting to win her back. Flirting with your wife and treating her like your girlfriend may increase her receptivity to your overtures, as well as increase attraction, desire, affection and intimacy. Research from Dr. David Henningsen explains that flirting can bring you closer together, instigate an enjoyable and playful interaction and communicate sexual attraction.

Step 1

Hug her throughout the day, sit touching, brush a kiss across her forehead or cheek and brush her hair or back with your fingers. These touches communicate your affection and how much you care for her without pushing for sex. Not all touching leads to sex, and touching throughout the day without moving to a sexual invitation will encourage a more positive response when you do want to initiate sex, according to Jeremy Nicholson, a doctor of social and personality psychology.

Step 2

Flirt with her verbally. Tell her how beautiful and sexy she is, share stories that make you laugh together and make suggestive comments that let her know how much you desire her. Target your verbal flirting to make her feel romanced and hungry for a closer relationship with you, and to help her remember the reasons why she found you attractive and married you.

Step 3

Combine touch, body language and verbal flirting. Look her straight in the eyes, smiling, using a playful back and forth while leaning close together. Whisper in her ear, wink, play footsie and hold her hand. Focus your attention on her and avoid becoming distracted. Express sincere compliments about how she looks and feels, such as complimenting her clothing, hair or soft skin.

Step 4

Keep intimacy alive all day by flirting with love notes on the mirror or in her purse, and helping her with chores and home responsibilities with kids and pets, to make her feel appreciated and desirable. Don't ignore her all day and expect her to be receptive at the end of the day, advises Dr. Kevin Leman, author of "Sex Begins in the Kitchen" -- remember, women take longer to warm up than men.

Step 5

Treat her to a spa day or pamper her with a bubble bath, candles, soft music and a refreshing beverage. Read her poetry or serenade her if you can sing. Explain how much you love her and want her to feel special and desired. Take her shopping and express your admiration for how beautiful the queen of your heart is.