Farewell Present Ideas

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When it is time to say goodbye to a friend or co-worker, a farewell gift is a kind way to show your appreciation for time spent together. Finding a suitable farewell gift depends on the relationship you had with the person who is leaving. A sentimental gift is more appropriate for a person who you know well on a personal level. Something as simple as a card might be the perfect farewell gift for a work acquaintance.

Picture Frame with Photo

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A framed photograph is a great way to remember the good times. When close friends are moving, they will appreciate having a picture to remember your time together.

Web Cam

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A web cam is a great way to stay in touch with a close friend who is saying farewell. A web cam will allow you to see each other while talking online.

Spa Voucher

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Whether your friend is moving to a new city or your co-worker is moving to a new job, a day at the spa will help relieve stress. Any type of change can cause anxiety, so a relaxing massage will help melt troubles away. If your friend is moving to a new city, make sure you purchase a spa voucher for their new location.

Key Rings

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If your friend is moving to a new home, a key ring is a thoughtful and useful gift. You can purchase a key ring that reflects your friend's personal style. An engraved key ring is a great way to add a personal touch.