Family Reunion Outdoor Party Ideas

Having a family reunion outdoors gives the family room to play together doing a variety of fun and physical activities. If the reunion is planned at a state park, there is plenty of room to set up volleyball or a softball game. The best outdoor games are the ones that draw the family closer and get them talking because this is what the reunion is all about. Choosing a variety of active and conversation-friendly games will make the most memorable reunion.

Lawn Games

Setting up a volleyball net or a softball field will get the families mixing and working together in teams as they play. This puts people who might not know each other in close proximity and encourages them to unite against the other team. Other great lawn games are croquet, badminton, soccer, horseshoes and Frisbee. Little kids might enjoy hide and seek, tag, blind man's bluff, jumping rope and hopscotch.

Outdoor Games

The three-legged race is a perfect reunion game, especially if people are matched up with family members they don't know. Other fun outdoor games are the potato sack race, egg toss, and egg on a spoon relay race. Another good one is the balloon stomping game: Each person ties a balloon to their ankle with string. Everyone gathers together in an open, grassy area and has to stomp the other people's balloons while trying not to have their balloon stomped. Whoever has the last balloon intact wins.

Food, Activities and Talking

In between games, families will want to take advantage of the outdoors and the time together. Food should be set out on one long table for family members to pick at throughout the day. Sitting together to roast marshmallows and tell stories about past relatives or family traditions is a great way to cement relationships. Tye-dying T-shirts together is another activity that's best done outdoors. Staging a family talent show (encouraging members to share their favorite skills) can be entertaining and help family members learn about the hidden talents of distant relatives.