Everything You Need to Get Your Guest Room Ready for the Holidays


The earlier that Christmas decorations start appearing in stores, the earlier your holiday stress seems to sneak in. Getting ready for family or friends who are staying at your house can be a handful, unless you start planning early. Turn your guest room into a haven for loved ones — from cleaning their pillows and mattress to creating a stylish headboard and nightstand — in the days leading up to their arrival. You may need to take deep breaths, but don't worry, we're here to help! Here's everything you need to prep your guest room now, so that it'll be ready in time for the festivities.

First Things First: Some Deep Cleaning

It's a common courtesy to provide your guests with freshly washed linens. But what most people don't consider is that pillows can get dirty fast, and a pillow cover won't take away the dust mites inside. Make sure your guests sleep well, breathe easy and notice that you've gone the extra mile by cleaning your bed pillows.

Jessica Kielman

Ensure That the Mattress Is Just as Fresh

After the pillows are ready, your next deep-cleaning task is the mattress. Continue to go above and beyond with a homemade mattress deodorizer — it cleans while leaving behind a fresh and calming scent.

Jessica Kielman

Impress Your Guests With the Latest Style

Lucky for your guests, this cozy blanket is also totally trendy. Make your own Moroccan wedding blanket the fast way by starting with a throw you already have and adding on some fringe and trim. It'll make a nice addition to the aesthetic of the guest room while proving itself useful in case your guests get cold.

Jennifer Bridgman

Comfort Guests With a Warm Message

This lumbar pillow will serve as a simple reminder to give thanks this time of year — which is something we can all use in the midst of holiday stress. Place it on your guest bed as a decor piece, or position it on a corner chair for a cozy reading nook.

Shades of Blue Interiors

Upgrade the Guest Bed With a Modern Headboard

Sometimes, when a room feels like it's missing something, all it needs is a few upgrades. One upgrade that can take a room from bland to bold is a stunning headboard. Learn how to create your own headboard using birch wood, trim and paint to make the bed look like the focal point of the room.

Carrie Waller

Upgrade Your Current Furniture With Just a Few Touches

Every guest room needs a place to store knickknacks, and this vintage Hollywood regency piece will make your guest room look fit for an upscale hotel. What's the best part? It can be made using an affordable IKEA Rast nightstand that's been upgraded with a few easy steps.

Bethany DeVore

Complement Your Chic Nightstand With a Gorgeous Lamp

Now that your guest room has a beautiful nightstand, it would be silly to place just any lamp on it. Get a high-end look — without the high-end price — by making your own marble table lamp. It's a stylish pairing that will give the room a luxurious finish.

Sarah Dorsey

Make Sure Your Guests Have a Cozy Place to Sit

Give your guests an extra place to sit, a docking spot for their luggage or simply another piece of the room's decor to admire. This chic shag rug bench will complete the look you've created in your guest room and give you another chance to upcycle an item in your home.

Ashley Mayes

Add Final Touches to the Walls

With cleaning covered and furniture upgraded, it's time for art. But why settle for something store-bought? Make your own canvas prints by using free artwork, or hang a favorite personal shot of your loved ones.

Carrie Waller

Go All Out With One Last Statement Piece

If you need one more item to make your guest room complete, a chandelier is just the thing. Make this modern chandelier to light up the room and complement the rest of your stylish and oh-so-clean guest room.

Sarah Dorsey