Easy to Make Bridal Shower Favors

While intricate bridal shower favors look pretty, the time it takes to put them together can be better used on other aspects of shower planning. Instead, choose to make your own simple favors that will stand out and serve as a nice remembrance for guests to take home. Pre-fabricated containers and bulk candies together with a ribbon can make a big impression, as can baked goods or fragrant candles or sachets.


Simple favors take some of the stress out of planning a bridal shower. The easier it is to assemble them, the more time the planners have to spend on other parts of the shower. Edible favors like candies, chocolates or nuts have the added bonus of being tasty treats. Other ideas such as candles or potpourri satchels can be used to scent the home while reminding guests of the shower.


Party stores and bridal websites carry a number of easy-to-assemble bridal shower favors. Order mint tins printed with a personalized labels and fill with any flavor of mints. Plastic containers shaped like hearts or squares can be filled with small candies. Also perennially popular are boxes custom-printed with the bride-to-be's name and the date of the bridal shower. Truffles or Jordan almonds can be put into the boxes.


Send guests home with a reminder of the bridal shower in the form of favors. Even if they are easy to create, guests will appreciate the effort put into brainstorming and assembling them. They serve as additional decoration for the tables.

Time Frame

How long it takes to make bridal shower favors depends on the complexity of the project and the number of favors that need to be made. The quickest favors take only a few minutes to assemble, especially if they are completely packaged, such as wine stoppers or bottle openers. Other ideas like baking cookies or cupcakes are easy, but can be time-consuming. Take into consideration the time needed to prepare, bake and clean up.


Thought should be put into choosing the nicest bridal shower favors, with the time and energy needed to assemble them also a consideration. You don't need to sit for hours to create pretty, thoughtful favors. Plan ahead to make assembly as easy as possible. If friends or family are helping, assign each person a specific task to streamline the process.