Easy Hanging Herb Garden

by Francesca Stone ; Updated September 05, 2018

We’re getting to the season in which everything begins to turn lush and green again. It’s this time of year when I’m itching to get into my garden and start flexing my green thumb muscles. With this hanging herb garden it doesn’t matter how much or how little space you have to dedicate to your garden — you can grow all the herbs you need in just a small corner of your home.

Mark off three points on the base of the bowl equal distance from the center and each other. Place them at least 1–2 inches away from the center of the bowl to help with balance when you hang it.

Drill holes at these markings. Be careful not to drill into the surface underneath the bowl. Using a clamp or vice is advisable.

Once you've drilled the holes, sand the area until smooth. Repeat these steps with the second bowl.

Fold the rope into three equal sections. Cut the looped rope at one end and tie a knot at the other creating a loop and tail as shown below.

Cut the plastic piping into two 5-inch sections and thread one onto the free ends of the rope up to the knot. Don't worry if the pipe can slide over the knot. Just hold it in place for now.

Tie another knot underneath the plastic tube just above where you would like the first planter to start. Then thread one of each cord into each of the holes in the planter bowl.

Knot each rope underneath the hole. You might need to adjust these knots to keep the planter hanging level, so keep them loose until you're happy with the balance. Hanging the planter can help you ensure it's even.

Tie all three ropes together again and thread through a second piece of plastic tube. Repeat the steps above to attach the second planter.

Tie up the ropes at the bottom and cut off the excess.

Now just fill you planter with soil and sew the seeds. When you water the plants some of the water will drain through the holes in the bottom of the bowls. Either take it outside until all the excess water has drained or place a bucket underneath the planter when you water it.

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