How do I Stop a Person from Coming to My House?

We have all felt as if we were being watched at one time or another. But what happens when it's true? More and more today, women (and sometimes men) find themselves on the receiving end of being stalked. It is a scary feeling to have someone watching your every move; not knowing if and when they are going to pounce or if they intend to hurt you. Stalking sometimes escalates from simple following and phone calls to actually trying to get into your house. There are ways to help you stop a person stalking you from ever getting to the point of entering your home.

Alert friends and neighbors to watch out for any strangers or abnormal activity going on in or around your home and property.

Destroy your mail by cutting or shredding it up into tiny pieces so it will not produce an address or other identifying information.

Change your phone number or add a second line if the stalker has started calling you. Give the new number only to your closest family and friends.

Keep your phone line and add caller ID and an answering machine to record the stalker's voice and hopefully catch his number at the same time. Use the second line for family and friends by giving the number only to people you trust with your life.

Buy a camera phone to try and catch any encounters that may happen between you and the person who is stalking you. The more documentation you have, the better--but do not put yourself in danger doing it.

Have someone accompany you as often as possible as protection against running into your stalker.

Change your work schedule or anything else that you have a habit of doing so that it is harder for the stalker to keep track of your movements. Variations in your schedule will throw him off and hopefully make him lose focus.

Call the police or go to the nearest station if you suspect you are being followed--don't go straight home in this case. Ride around until you know the coast is clear. Never lead a stalker to your home.