Do Rag Instructions

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Do rags are used to cover the head and hair. They are often used by bikers to keep their hair from becoming tangled while riding. In recent years, they have gained popularity with urban youth, patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments and outdoor laborers. Do rags are typically made out of folded cotton bandanas, but form-fitting do rags are manufactured and sold as skullcaps or head wraps. They are made out of cotton, mesh or leather. Learning how to properly fold or tie a do rag is a simple task.

Bandana Do Rags

Fold over one corner of the bandana. The amount folded over will vary with the head size of the wearer. Fold the corner down to the bottom corner for smaller heads. Fold the corner right below the center for an average head. For a larger head, fold the corner over less than half way.

Hold the left and right corners in your hands and place the folded bandana on the forehead, so that the bottom corner of the bandana hangs over the nape of the neck.

Tie the left and right corners tightly in a double knot at the nape of the neck. The knot will be over the portion of the bandana hanging over the neck.

Form-Fitting Do Rags

Place the form-fitting do rag over the head with the ties on the nape of the neck.

Lay the center tie over the top of the head. Tie a tight knot at the nape of the neck with the left and right ties.

Pull the center tie down so that it hangs over the neck. Tie the left and right ties into a knot over the center tie.