Do it Yourself Baby Shower Water Bottle Labels

When having a shower you want every element of the party to fall into place and be just right so the mom-to-be has a great time. this means everything should fit the theme of the occasion, the labels on the water bottles and other drinks included. Making your own baby shower water bottle labels is simple and inexpensive, and you can even use the custom water bottles as favors if you desire.


Decide what size water bottles you want to make labels for. Water bottles of up to 12 ounces will need a label that measures 2 inches by 7 1/2 inches. Larger water bottles will require a label that measures 2 1/4 inches by 8 1/2 inches. If you have a template make sure you have the correct measurements. If you don't, set up a template of your own on a computer design or word-processing program.


Set the background for your water bottle labels. Choose a solid color or a pattern. You can insert a background using clip art or create one with basic design elements found in your design software or word-processing program. Since the baby shower is for a specific person you might want to include her photo or a drawing of a baby, the theme of the shower (if there is one) or another design having to do with the shower.


Type in the details you would like included. This might be a message to the guests thanking them for coming, the name of the mom-to-be, the baby's due date, the date of the shower and its theme or something else entirely. You can try to make these look like actual labels by placing the text as it would appear on such a label, or just have fun.


Print and cut out your labels. You can print them on regular paper and then use a glue stick to attach them to the bottles. Or print them on sticker paper, cut them out and then pull back the sticker sheet to attach them directly to the bottle.