Disposable Razors Vs. Electric Razors

razor and foam image by Jeffrey Zalesny from Fotolia.com

When selecting a razor, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with each type. Two popular forms are the electric razor and the disposable razor; they vary in many qualities.


Electric razors are available in two types. The foil-head electric razor has blades that move from side to side behind a thin screen, while a rotary head electric razor features rotating spring-mounted guards over the blades.


GreenLivingTips.com acknowledges that a disposable razor blade begins to rust quite rapidly; the disposable razor is typically only good for two or three shaves. An electric razor, on the other hand, will last several months to a year.


Disposable razors typically feature cheap materials and poor design; as a result, it will not result in a very close shave. A foil-head electric razor will give a close shave, but has difficulties with long hairs. A rotary head electric razor can handle long hair but provides a shave that is not as close.


An electric razor is easier and quicker to use than a disposable razor. However, with a disposable razor, you should use shaving cream and need to be careful to avoid nicks and cuts.


Healthy-Skincare.com recommends using an electric razor to shorten long hair, then using a disposable razor to finish the shave.