Different Ways to Wear a Pixie Cut

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's not impossible for those with a pixie to achieve a variety of hairstyles. This bold cut was made popular from celebrities of the mid-20th century. If you are thinking about getting a pixie haircut, or already sport one, learn how to style it in different ways.

Basic Looks

A pixie is typically worn natural, whether hair is straight, wavy or curly. Change things up by tousling your pixie, if you have straight hair, with a curling product. Use straightening products and a flat iron if tresses are wavy or curly. A deep side part is a feminine look for those who fear the pixie appears too boyish, worn naturally or a sleek, wet look. Comb hair to the left or right side, in line with the brow or at the temple.

Punk, Pompadour and Half-and-Half

The punk look exudes a fun appearance where the top locks are encouraged upward and forward into an almost messy faux-hawk with a thickening, root booster product. Alternatively, the pompadour is softer, where locks are also encouraged upwards but backwards. Apply mousse and a root product before drying hair backward to lay up and off the face. The half-and-half style is sleek in the front, with bangs brushed to either side, and the back half is tousled and messy.


Headbands offer unlimited options. They can be thick or thin, jeweled or made of scarf or ribbon material. A flowered barrette can be clipped to hold back a portion of the bangs or placed right by the ear. Just be aware of excessively large barrettes, which stand out on a pixie.