Decorating With Tulle for Baby Showers

Courtney Riordan/iStock/Getty Images

Using tulle in baby shower decorations adds a softness that brings the thought of a new baby to mind. The versatile material works well when used in small doses or as part of larger decorations. Whether the mom-to-be is expecting a boy or girl or wants to be surprised by the baby's sex, mixing tulle colors adds layers of creativity to the shower.

Table Decorations

The table serves as the focal point for baby shower decorations, and tulle has multiple uses on the table. Make an adorable table skirt with tulle by gathering it every couple of inches and pinning it to the fabric tablecloth. The tulle should be long enough to reach the ground. Cover the pins with ribbon, which you can tape or pin in each corner. For an instant eye catcher, create a tulle topiary. Cut the tulle into 4-inch squares and pin the center of each square to a foam ball. The outer edges should stick out from the ball. Bunching the squares closely together results in a more finished look. For more pop, cut smaller squares, such as 2 inches, in a different color tulle and pin them inside the larger squares. A painted dowel pushed a couple of inches into the ball creates the stem, which you can secure in foam placed in the bottom of bucket or deep bowl to hold the topiary ball upright. Cover the bottom foam with colored marbles or bunched pieces of tulle.

Hanging Decorations

Make hanging decorations that look almost like clouds in tulle that matches the color scheme of the shower. Cut out two cardboard circles, then cut out the centers of both circles. Sandwich a narrow piece of ribbon between them with the ribbon circling the center hole. Wrap the cardboard with tulle, going from the outside through the center hole. When it's wrapped all the way around, slide scissors between the outer edges of the cardboard and cut through the outside of the tulle. Tie the ribbon around the center of the cut tulle, then pull the cardboard off each side to finish the fluffy ball. These balls easily hang from the ribbons. Soften the edges of the room by hanging long sheets of tulle, gathering them at the top for added visual interest. Instead of hanging it all straight down, drape some like bunting in some areas, such as above windows. Mix balloons with tulle for instant decorative columns.

Party Favors

Help the mom-to-be prepare favors for the guests. For small gifts, cut out large squares of tulle and place the gifts in the center. Pull up the sides and tie the top with a ribbon. If the gift is a wine glass or mug, tie a bow of tulle around the stem or handle and fill the center with the fluffy fabric. For a simple gift, fill inexpensive baby bottles or mason jars with candy that matches the shower's colors and place a square of tulle over the top of the container. When you tighten the lid over the tulle, it causes the fabric to gather attractively.

Gifts for the Mom-to-Be

Tulle decorations can serve a second purpose as gifts for the guest of honor. For example, make a wreath by tying strips of tulle around a foam wreath ring, leaving 4 to 6 inches of tulle extending out as fringe. Intersperse diapers between some of the tulle pieces, attaching them to the wreath ring with pipe cleaners or florist wire. Attach smaller pieces such as rattles as well. Wrapping the tiers of a diaper cake with tulle gives the cake a gentle look, and you may add a tulle ball as a topper. Or create a special corsage for the mom-to-be, using tulle as the backing and baby gear such as pacifiers and small teethers instead of flowers.