Cute Hairstyles Black Women Can Do With Flat Irons


0:00 hi this is Lizbeth Muller from Liz's

0:03 Hair Design in Hollywood Florida in this

0:06 clip I'm going to show you cute

0:08 hairstyles for black women now if you

0:11 notice I started to do a few curls here

0:13 and flat irons and just not used to meet

0:15 the hair straight you can curl the whole

0:17 head like this and you'll have a cute

0:19 wavy curly hairstyle and I'm going to

0:21 show you how to flip the hair if you had

0:23 to to change it up a little bit so

0:25 here's one of the styles I started to go

0:27 ahead and do the the curls earlier on

0:32 and I'm going to proceed to show you how

0:34 to curl the hair first I'm going to

0:37 spray the hair with hairspray okay get

0:40 it ready to curl the hair I'm gonna go

0:42 ahead and comb my down a little bit so

0:44 it doesn't get sticky on the curler and

0:46 I'm gonna take a smaller curling iron

0:48 because her hair is shorter if it here

0:50 was longer then you want to take the

0:52 bigger curling flat iron okay I'm going

0:54 to go ahead and proceed to twist the

0:56 hair around in a curl like this and use

0:58 a small curling on the flap once that

1:01 around on the edges like this okay you

1:03 notice how I told the hair round around

1:05 and I'm gonna let it go and as you see

1:07 you get a nice formed hair a curl and

1:09 you can do the whole head like this and

1:11 then your hair will become curly

1:12 okay so again I'm gonna go ahead and

1:14 twirl it around toilet twirl it twirl it

1:18 and I'm gonna let go of it and you have

1:21 like curly hair all over the second

1:26 style I'm going to show you is as you

1:27 see I flip the hair instead of curling

1:29 it you can flip your hair like this all

1:31 open it just be flipped hairstyle a

1:33 little bit different than just

1:34 straightening it take the bigger flat

1:36 iron and you go ahead and you push it up

1:41 and flip it like that okay you get a

1:46 nice flip of the hair just take it again

1:49 and proceed to flip it and you get your

1:51 hair flip like this make sure you put a

1:52 little bit of hairspray in the hair so I

1:54 can stay this has been Lizbeth Muller