Cute Gifts to Give a Bride Before the Wedding

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Buying a gift that is cute and unique for the bride-to-be can be a challenge. The important thing is that you choose a gift specifically for the bride, rather than for the couple or their home. There are several cute gifts you can buy or make by yourself. Choose something that reflects the bride’s personality and tastes, and you can’t go wrong.


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A scrapbook is a gift that can be personalized, making it meaningful and original. You may have to get the bride’s family or possibly the groom to help with this cute gift idea, depending on the theme you go with. The most common theme for a scrapbook is the couple’s relationship. Include photos of places they have traveled, important events and engagement photos. You might also use a theme that depicts the wedding-planning process. A shot of the bride’s ring, photos of the bridesmaids, dress fittings, the wedding invitation, etc., will provide the bride with memories of the journey to her big day. Once you have decided on a theme and compiled the book, have each member of the bridal party write a special message to the bride.


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Make the traditional gift of candles cute and unique by giving the bride-to-be a set of candles that symbolize milestone anniversaries. Along with the candles, include instructions with a color chart and timeline so the bride knows when to burn each color. Include a red candle, symbolizing love and passion, for the bride’s first night with her new husband, and then yellow for the first anniversary, turquoise for the fifth, white for the 15th, silver for the 25th, and gold for the 50th, and so on. If you are able, another way to personalize this gift is to buy candles that smell like the bride-to-be’s favorite scents.

Recipe Cards

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Recipe cards are a cute gift idea for a bride-to-be that can be geared toward the bride’s interests and don’t have to be for meals. First, decide the type of recipes you will use. They might be for meals, desserts, drinks, party recipes, recipes for love, stress or whatever suits the bride. Then have the guests write down their favorite recipes for the theme you have chosen, and transfer those onto personalized recipe cards with the guest’s message or signature on each. Buy or decorate a recipe box to hold them, and the bride will have a cute gift that is one of a kind.

Gift Certificate

A gift certificate for a spa day, dance classes or dinner is a cute gift idea that you can buy with the bride-to-be’s interests in mind. If she likes reading, then a bookstore gift card would be perfect, or if she’s into arts or crafts, a gift certificate to a craft store or for art lessons would be ideal. You might also consider gift certificates for the honeymoon destination so that she can buy things like towels, bathing suits, suitcases, etc., before the big day.