Cut-and-Tie T-Shirt Ideas

John Parra/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Customize your wardrobe with a pair of sharp scissors. Cut-and-tie T-shirt designs are perfect to implement when you are low on funds but want to wear something different from your friends. Even if you cannot sew, you can alter a T-shirt and transform a boring design into something fun to wear.

Horizontal Stripes

Create a custom fitted T-shirt with horizontal stripes. Lay a T-shirt flat on the table. Cut the side seams open from under the arm to the bottom hem. Cut approximately 2 inches into the side of the shirt horizontally along the open seams. Tie the strips together to connect the shirt and create a custom fit. Wear a contrasting tank top under the shirt if you do not want to bare any skin.

Sexy Split T-shirt

Lay a T-shirt flat on a tabletop. Cut the shirt vertically in half through the center from the center of the neckline to the hem, through both the front and back pieces of the shirt. Place the two halves on top of each other and make horizontal strips from the cut edge approximately 1 to 3 inches long. Place the halves next to each other and match up the strips. Tie pairs of strips down the middle to attach the two halves. Wear over a lacy camisole.

Beaded T-shirt

Add hippie flair by adding beads to a large T-shirt. Lay the shirt on the table. Cut vertical strips from the bottom of the shirt approximately 2 inches long from the bottom hem. Thread a bead on each strip of fabric.Tie a knot under the bead to hold it in place. Repeat the process with the sleeves by cutting strips of fabric around each sleeve and then attaching the beads.

Open-back T-shirt

Lay a short- or long-sleeved T-shirt flat on the table, with the front facing down. Cut off the collar of the shirt. Cut a rounded rectangle from shoulder seam to shoulder seam approximately down to the bra-line. Cut a second rounded rectangle from the bottom hem of the shirt to the first rectangle, leaving a 2-inch horizontal section in the middle. The result will be a H-shape open-back design on the back of the shirt. Cut this middle section vertically through the center of the back. Tie the cut ends back together to give the T-shirt a fitted appearance.