Creative Spring Gift Basket Ideas

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Creative spring gift baskets celebrate the new season with fresh fruit, flowers and other items that represent spring. This season is a time for new beginnings, so the basket should reflect this. Spring gift baskets can include gardening items, fresh cut flowers, candies and healthful treats such as fruit that only comes in season during the spring.

Lavender Basket

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Buy fresh lavender at your local plant nursery. Lavender is in season during the spring and fall. Then, go shopping for other items made with lavender such as soaps, bath salts and other beauty products. Fill your basket full of these items and tie a purple ribbon around your bushels of lavender, and place these in the basket as well. Lastly, tie a large purple bow around the handle. A lavender basket works well for spring because lavender is a flowering herb that displays colorful purple hues during the spring. Spring time reminds people of growth and new life, and lavender plants symbolize this while giving off an alluring scent.

Gardners Pack Basket

Buy a colorful fabric gardener's basket with pockets that pan around the entire basket. You can find these gardening organizer baskets in some home improvement and gardening stores. Fill the pockets with gardening tools along with other flower or fruit and seed packs. Place larger items in the middle of the basket such as homemade cookies, fruit and other items that remind you of spring. Buy a bouquet of flowers, and place these directly in the middle so the other items hold the flowers in place. Choose daisies or other colorful spring flowers.

Fruit and Chocolate Basket

Buy a brown basket and line the bottom of the basket with colorful fabric. Tie a yellow ribbon around the handle for added decoration. Choose fine boxed chocolate and hide these at the bottom of the basket. Then, fill the remainder of the basket full of fresh fruit such as oranges, kiwi, pineapple and other spring favorites.

Spring Animals Soap Basket

Buy a variety of colorful natural soaps that are made with orange blossom, lavender and other herbs. Buy stuffed bunny rabbits, butterflies and other animals that remind you of spring. Fill the basket full of soaps and spring animals, and then tie a pink bow around the handle.

Craft Basket

Select several packaged spring-themed crafts such as spring card stock, wooden craft bird house kits, pressed flowers packs, stickers and other spring crafts. You can find all of these items at most local craft stores. Load your basket full of these spring crafts, and tie a colorful bow around the handle. Weave the stems of silk daisies, sunflowers and other spring flowers into the sides of the basket so that the heads of the flower pop out all around the exterior part of the basket.