How to Cope With Urges to Cross Dress

Most cross dressers can't control the urge to cross dress. They feel they need to dress up as the opposite sex. Often trying to control the urges only makes them worse. However there are some ways to fight the urge to cross dress.

Realize that the urge to cross dress only gets worse if suppressed. The scientific view is that urges to cross dress are caused by boys' suppression of feminine traits in the early years. Many scientists believe that this suppression leads to an explosion of sorts, causing the feminine side to overpower the masculine side of a cross dresser. But coping with the urge to cross dress doesn't have to mean suppressing it altogether.

Understand that cross dressing isn't always appropriate. While the lifestyle is nothing to be ashamed of, chances are your daughter doesn't want her father coming to her wedding dressed as her mother. Think about where you're going and decide if it's appropriate to cross dress.

Wear women's underwear underneath your men's clothes. This way, you can appease your urge to cross dress without being in full drag.

Accessorize with a fancy wallet or nice cuff links. Cross dressing is usually about wanting to wear pretty things, so wear pretty manly items instead of a dress. A new pair of shoes usually makes any cross dresser happy.

Talk to a counselor about your urges if you can't control them on your own. You can also ask friends who cross dress how they deal with their urges.