How to Dress for a Confirmation Party

How to Dress for a confirmation party. The confirmation attire is usually another statement of your faith in God. It's not usually a statement of the newest fashion trend among the stars or of the next new thing. Keep those outfits for another occasion and stay true to the confirmation meaning. Drawing closer to God often involves more than an inward confession of your faith. The outward confession of your faith can be displayed through modest and beautiful clothing.

Ask your priest or pastor if there is a dress code. Some churches may wish that all the students wear similar attire. Some churches may not pay as much attention to the dress and ask you to use reasonable judgment. You will be better off to at least ask.

Dress modestly. Modesty is best described by our parents or the dictionary. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines modesty as "freedom from conceit and vanity." Okay, maybe an older adult could better elaborate on what this means.

Dress comfortably for the occasion and the party afterward. The confirmation party is just as important as the Confirmation itself. You should take into consideration whether the party will be outside or inside, at a hotel or a casual home, and if it is an elaborate event.

Don't show piercings and tattoos. This might be acceptable with your own family, but not with a church family. Know your church and what is generally acceptable. Certain generations are offended and you want this to be an enjoyable event for everyone.

Girls should cover their shoulders and midriffs. Many churches do not wish to see spaghetti straps or your belly button.

Remember what the occasion is all about. This is a semi-formal occasion that you and the people attending take very seriously. Dress for a confirmation party the way that others in your church do, and don't try to make a fashion statement. It is about your commitment to God.