How to Follow Proper Etiquette at a Confirmation Party

by Parties & Entertaining Editor

Items you will need

  • Gift
  • Proper attire

How to Follow Proper Etiquette at a Confirmation Party. A confirmation party is a time to celebrate. However, given the devout nature and the special significance of confirmation, it's important to conduct yourself properly during a confirmation party. You'll need to devote a little more attention to formal etiquette than you would at a Halloween party or Fourth of July barbecue.

Follow Appropriate Etiquette for the Party

Step 1

Let the invitation or party theme serve as your guide. Formal etiquette is a little less important at a backyard barbecue than it is at a fancy dinner party.

Step 2

Ask the hosts about the dress code and follow it as best you can. If you have to err on one side or the other, it's best to err on the side of being slightly overdressed rather than underdressed.

Step 3

Find out what time the party begins and arrive on time. Arriving about 5 minutes late is acceptable.

Step 4

Ask the host if you are supposed to bring a gift for the confirmand. You may want to inquire what the price range should be.

Step 5

Treat everyone with respect and courtesy during the party, especially those older than you.

Step 6

Ask the host or hostess if there is anything you can do to help. Proper etiquette is as much about courtesy and thoughtfulness as it is about dress codes and gifts.

Step 7

Be sure to approach the confirmand personally and tell him or her congratulations.

Step 8

Thank the host for the party when you are ready to leave.

Step 9

Offer to stay and help clean up after the party is through if you are still there as the celebration starts to wind down.

Step 10

Follow up with a thank-you card, especially if you were given a valuable or thoughtful party favor.


  • Proper attire is very important. The party may be a suit-and-tie affair, or it may semicasual. For a semicasual party, men should wear a polo shirt or button-down shirt and slacks. Women should wear a blouse and a skirt of modest length or a dress. If you cannot afford a gift, offer the confirmand your services in something that you do well. Be creative. Don't bring a gift that is too expensive or showy. If you really want to give an expensive gift, do so privately. Hosting a party is a very involved, time-consuming and often chaotic responsibility. Any help you can offer the hosts to relieve that burden will no doubt be much appreciated.


  • Remember, this is a party to commemorate an important religious ceremony. Bad language, insolence and off-color comments are inappropriate. Low-cut or revealing clothing is not appropriate. Neither are T-shirts with offensive sayings--even if the guests are 14 years old.