How to Convince My Parents to Get Me a Phone for My Birthday

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If a cell phone is on your birthday wish list, there are ways to let your parents know and to increase the odds that they will think you should have one. Being responsible, doing research, opening the lines of communication and behaving like an adult might help you convince them that you are ready for a cell phone.

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Show your parents you are capable of handling the responsibility of a cell phone. Look at it from their perspective: If you were your parents, would you buy you a cell phone for your birthday?

Consider how responsible you have been with your belongings in the past. If you have given your parents reason to believe that you would not treat a cell phone carefully, think about how you can change that. It could help to take on more chores and responsibilities around the house.

Show them how well you would take care of a phone by taking good care of the other things you own.

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Research the options. Depending on your family's budget, a cell phone can be an expensive gift. Look up pricing, options and sales on various service providers.

Your parents may be more willing to give you a cell phone if you help to pay for the cost of the plan or the phone. If that is something you're willing to do, look for ways to make it happen, and make sure to stay on top of the payments.

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Communicate with your parents. Tell them well in advance of your birthday that you would love a cell phone, and how you would use it. If you have a specific model in mind, let them know, and tell them why you chose that one. Present some of the research you have done about cell phones and plan providers. This is a gift that can be reevaluated every time the cell phone bill is due, so let your parents know that this would be more than a gift -- this would be an agreement that you would use your cell phone within the restrictions they set.

Tell your parents how it could be good for them if you had a cell phone. Would they worry less if you were able to call them more? Would they spend less time waiting to pick you up if you could call and let them know exactly when you would be ready? Focus on ways this could make their life easier, too -- and if you do receive a cell phone, be sure to follow through on these promises.

If you do receive a cell phone for your birthday, make sure to enjoy it within the rules set up by your parents or your cell phone provider. If you don't use it responsibly -- if you call too much or send too many text messages, or if it is a problem at school -- your parents may decide that you were not ready for a cell phone and take it away.

If you do not receive the cell phone you hoped for, be gracious. If you handle your disappointment well, your parents might take it as a sign of maturity, and that could help the next time you ask.