How to Come Out as a Cross Dresser

Coming out as a cross dresser can be quite intimidating. However, it's important that you tell people about your lifestyle before they find on their own. It's especially important to fill in a spouse or partner about your cross dressing. Coming out can go smoothly if you take time to plan.

Think carefully about exactly what you're going to say before you discuss your lifestyle with anyone. Be prepared for many questions about your decision to cross dress.

Tell your partner you cross dress before you tell anyone else. She is likely to feel betrayed because you've kept this secret from her, so don't add to the betrayal by telling someone else first. Sit your partner down and tell her exactly why you do what you do.

Discuss your cross dressing with friends and family individually. People may feel intimidated to ask questions in front of a group. By having one-on-one conversations, each person can feel comfortable to freely express how he feels and to ask questions.

Explain thoroughly why you cross dress. If you want people to support you, they must understand why you do it.