Church Bulletins Ideas & Examples

church. Entrance of a church image by L. Shat from asked, "What exactly do you do with your church bulletin once you get it?" Sixty-two percent of respondents said they skim the bulletin, and 21 percent said they devour it. Sixteen percent said they don't read it at all. How can you make your church bulletin a viable means of church communication? A few new bulletin ideas may help the overworked or design-challenged administrator.

Interactive Design

Involve your congregation in the design of your bulletin by featuring members' faces in it. Find ways to interact by using tear-off return responses. Include a "find the object" for wandering minds, using objects that remind them of the sermon topic. Create white space for sermon notes (or to-do lists).

Radical Themes

If you are having an outdoor service, design a bulletin that looks like an MP3 player. For Christmas, make your bulletin look like a Christmas card. Use images that startle the congregation to make them think about the topic. Use a white bulletin with one word in the center, and explain the theme inside. Use word plays and visual mind games to stimulate the readers.

Christmas Catalog

Turn your bulletin into an old-fashioned catalog that lists community needs. For instance, if you are asking for a donation for toys for needy children, include pictures of vintage toys and dolls. Almost any kind of image can be found online, including old catalog clip art.


When a Messianic believer comes to share about the feasts and festivals celebrated in the Jewish faith, create a scroll bulletin. Ask a Hebrew scholar to help you write some of the "scroll" in Hebrew with English translations.

Use a ledger or legal sheet of paper to design this type of bulletin. Once printed, roll the bulletins from both sides and place them in an ancient-looking clay pot by the door.

Old Newspaper

Make a bulletin that imitates an old newspaper for homecoming or Old-Fashioned Day. Print the bulletin on a ledger or legal sheet of brown or creme stock. Find out when the church was founded, and design the newspaper to match that era. Use old photographs or make current photos look old using sepia coloring. Fold the bulletin with the headline facing out, like most newspapers.


Make your church bulletin easy to download before your services by placing the bulletin online. Create your bulletin and save it as a PDF. Keep bulletins online in an archive.