Christian Themed Tablescape Ideas

Tablescapes are more than just table decorations--they are table decor with a specific theme. These are great ways to bring an element of style to any room, from dining rooms to offices. Christian tablescapes can be both symbolic and stylish, and do not take a great amount of time or money to put together.


Violets have been represented in Christian art for centuries as a symbol of humility (specifically, the Virgin Mary's humility). These flowers are great as the centerpiece for a Christian tablescape because of their meaning. Not only are violets available in the blue-purple color they're known for, but they can also be found in white, yellow, red and orange.

Place a white table runner across your table, and choose a low-profile, clear vase for your violets. After arranging the flowers to your liking, scatter inscribed focus stones around the vase (see references below). You can also place some of the stones in the bottom of the vase.


Candles make great tablescape accessories, and prayer candles are ideal for Christian tablescapes. Prayer candles come in many sizes and colors, and you can even have one custom-made. Buy one that's a tall pillar (at least 7 inches tall), and place it on a mirrored candle plate.

Fill medium-size glass bowls with clear or colored river rocks, and anchor a tapered candle in each bowl; choose a taper color that matches your prayer candle. Ensure that there are enough river rocks in the bowls to firmly anchor the taper candles. Place one bowl on each side of the prayer candle.

Angel Figurines

Angels are Christian symbols, and figurines featuring angels are quite easy to find; they can be bought in many places, including online and in discount stores (see references below). Choose three angel figurines that you like; these will be the focus of the tablescape.

Place a table runner on your table in a neutral color that compliments your figurines; white, cream, tan, brown and black are a few neutral color options. Place the tallest figurine in the center of the table, and place the two smaller figurines about four inches in front of it. When you're done placing them, the figurines should be in a triangle shape, with the taller figurine forming the point.

In the center of the triangle, place a small pillar candle that is no taller than the smaller figurines. Scatter clear or colored river rocks or focus stones around the outside of the figurines.