Cheerleading Scrapbooking Ideas

Being a cheerleader can be an exciting time for both a boy or a girl in grade school, high school, college or beyond. A time for growing both physically and socially, cheerleading means a plethora of friendships, good times and great memories. Help preserve these memories for the cheerleader in your life by creating a unique cheerleading scrapbook.

Then and Now

Center your scrapbook around the development of your little cheerleader. Include early images of a pigtailed fan, photos of your cheerleader dancing and then in her cheerleader costume, at cheer camp and performing at games. Include the words to cheers he or she may have made up and images of teammates. Include cheerleading ribbons, awards and scrapbook adornments. Be sure to date each page and include any pertinent information, such as names of friends, team rivalries and cheer camp dates.

Highlight One

Select one great image of your cheerleader in her uniform and use matching team colors for your page layout. Use the words of a team cheer in the background and build the page using cheer medals and adornments including team pennants and pom pom streamers. To make it extra special, invite fellow cheerleaders to write something nice about your cheerleader around the margin. You can also ask friends to choose one word to describe your cheerleader and incorporate those words into you page. Be sure to use fun graphic fonts to convey the high-energy feel.

Candid Game Shots

Create a scrapbook that celebrates a whole season of cheering by using candid and game shots throughout the season. Take shots along the sidelines and during cheer routines to ensure you have a well-rounded collection. Color coordinate layout paper with cheer costumes and list game rivals, scores and highlights. Take and use plenty of shots of your cheerleader with his or her friends, performing at a game and practicing in the yard.

Incorporate a Journal

Enlist the help of your cheerleader by using comments he or she has made about games and cheering on a social website, online journal or handwritten journal. Match journal entries to game photos and game mementos and enhance with scrapbooking embellishments. Use team colors and logo as background for your layout.

Take Advantage of Layout Pages

There are hundreds of choices in pre-made layout pages for cheerleading and sports, and they can make it easy for you to develop your special scrapbook. From classic black and gray designs that make beautiful backdrops for your colorful cheer pictures to graphic and exciting word adornments and charm enhancements perfect for younger cheerleaders, even a novice scrapbooker can put together a beautiful memory book for a cheerleader of any age.